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Lecture by Profs. Brian Keating and Kam Arnold from UCSD's Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences, July 22, 2018

I attended this Ted style talk at a physical sciences salon event in Carlsbad, CA. The professors discussed the beginning of time and space, exploring the origins of the universe and explaining the telescopes, locations and tools they use to study the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and inflation after the Big Bang. I also met researchers studying dark matter and other problems of interest to astrophysicists.


Solar Eclipse-August 22, 2017

Family and friends joined me in August 2017 to view the total solar eclipse from Sublimity, Oregon. Though I didn't capture the photo to the left (another photographer in our party got it), I enjoyed this experience immensely. As the umbra approached the sky darkened, and at totality it was dark enough to see stars and the air temperature dropped noticeably. The solar corona (the bright region in the photo) is a very hot plasma in the outer atmosphere of the sun.

While I'm not doing science for others I'm...

working on various activities ranging from keeping up on the latest research fusion technology and other practical applications of plasmas. I'm also studying big physics problems such as the nature of dark matter, dark energy and other problems that are of major interest in today's physics community. The impact of science on public policy is always on my mind when not working on client projects. Walking, hiking, working on my farm and forest interests, traveling with family and friends, and playing golf keep me busy for the rest of my time.


Hiking in Yosemite with Prof. Bill Graham

kenjimc standrews  

Golfing with friends


Participating at Science Day at Great America Amusement Park


Growing holly and other evergreens in Oregon



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