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3/99-present   Stalder Technologies and Research, Redwood City, CA—
Consulting and independent contract research in physical sciences and engineering, with an emphasis on gaseous electronics, plasma physics and related physical and chemical processes.

12/03-11/16    Senior Staff Scientist and Technical Fellow, Smith and Nephew PLC (formerly ArthroCare Corp.), Austin, TX—
                         Research and development of plasma-based electrosurgical devices for surgical applications.  Experimental and computation simulations of electrical discharges in saline solutions.


6/99-7/13,        Senior Research Physicist, SRI International, Menlo
11/86-3/99       Park,CA—
                         Experimental research concentrating on plasma physics, plasma CVD of diamond films, optical scattering characterization of small particle size and shape, microwave and optical diagnostics of ionized air created by intense, relativistic electron beams and high-power microwaves.  Detailed optical and Langmuir probe studies of rf plasmas for etching and other applications.  Principal Investigator, Project Supervisor or Project Leader on numerous projects.  Supervision of technical support personnel, summer assistants, and International Fellows.
8/83-10/86       Member of the Technical Staff and Staff Engineer, Applied Materials, Inc., Santa Clara, CA—
Development of plasma etching equipment and processes.  Co-inventor of magnetized plasma etching cluster tool; diagnostics of plasma environment related to uniformity, etch rate, selectivity, etc. and improvement of 8100- and 8300-series etch tools.  Supervision of engineering and technical support personnel and supervisor of the Analytical Group. 

8/82-8/83         Assoc. Research Physicist, Physics Dept., U. C. Irvine, Irvine, CA—
                         Experimental research in plasma physics; studies of non-linear plasma waves; Application of laser-induced fluorescence techniques, development of negative ion plasmas; Supervision of graduate students.

6/76-7/82         Graduate Student Research Assistant, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, U. C. Berkeley, CA—Experimental research in atomic collision physics and plasma physics related to thermonuclear fusion.  Studies of negative ion production and stripping processes; Ion-ion collision processes, multi-charged ion collisions.  Supervision of summer students.

10/74-6/76       Teaching Assistant, Physics Dept., U. C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA—
                         Assisted in teaching undergraduate physics courses.  Head T. A. responsible for organization and supervision of other T.A.s.

Summers of    Engineer's Aide, Nielsen Engineering and Research, Inc., Mountain View, CA—
1971-1974      Assisted in wind tunnel experiments at NASA Ames Research Center.


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