Cool Stuff!

Here is a collection of photographs from previous projects in which we have participated

Static helium arc between carbon rods showing cathode and anode glows during fullerene production.

Experimental setup for testing fullerene production in high-speed arcjet environments.

High-pressure hydrogen arcjet used to produce polycrystalline diamond films.


RF plasma with Langmuir probe used for determining time-resolved electron densities and temperatures and their correlations with optical emission.

High-pressure photoionization plasma experiment mounted in an absorber tunnel for microwave absorption studies. Photo by Robert Vidmar.

Schlieren photograph of a laser-guided discharge channel. Photo by Robert Pechacek.

CCD image of a multilayer breakdown in low-pressure air using intersecting and focused high-power short-pulse microwaves. Coustesy of LLNL and LANL.

Open shutter photograph of a sparkboard discharge in atmospheric pressure helium. The radiation is used in photoionization experiments. Photo by Judson Allen.

Photograph of the LBL Q-Machine used to determine charge-changing cross sections in ion-ion collisions. Q-Machines form magnetically-confined thermally-ionized alkali metal plasmas that are highly ionized and in thermal equilibrium.

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