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Stalder Technologies and Research (STAR) is a small business providing scientific and engineering services to corporate and government clients.  STAR was founded by Kenneth R. Stalder, Ph.D., who for the last 25 years has conducted scientific investigations spanning a wide variety of technologies.  This work has been conducted in high technology industries as well as government, educational, and nonprofit laboratories.  Our goal is to help clients solve difficult technical problems using a variety of disciplines, concentrating on physics and chemistry combined with related engineering disciplines such as electrical and mechanical engineering.

STAR  is headed by Dr. Stalder, and draws on other recognized leaders in their fields who are brought in as needs of particular projects are defined.  Our team consists of experts in physics and chemistry who focus on semiconductor processing, plasma science, optics, aerodynamics, and related technologies. Our small business structure allows us to respond quickly to your needs.  We are able to provide worldwide coverage and can conduct work at your site or at ours.

Much of our work is interdisciplinary and, depending on client needs, can be analytical, experimental, computational, or educational.  Consulting and prototype development is also available.  STAR maintains a library of technical reports, publications, software and other resources.  In addition, we have access to libraries at all UC campuses and internet-based information products.  Work products are defined at the beginning of a project and may include technical reports, software, documentation, consulting or prototypes.